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How to recover forgot the password of AOL account?

If you are having a problem in accessing your AOL account because you have forgotten your password of AOL account. And, looking for the solution of these queries but not getting any solution. Then, you should read this article thoroughly because we have mentioned the complete procedure to resolve this issue in the step by step manner.

How to recover the forgotten AOL Password?

If you follow these given steps as they are mentioned, then you can recover your new password for your AOL account:

  1. a) Firstly, you will have to visit
  2. b) At that point, you should click on the “Forgot Password” option which will display under the password field box.
  3. c) Subsequently, you need to type your account email ID or just put the username in the given field.
  4. d) Moreover, you will have to put captcha appearing in the image
  5. e) Furthermore, you need to click on “Next” option.
  6. f) If the captcha is not visible appropriately, you can tap on the refresh option. Then, you would have a fresh set of numbers or words on your screen.
  7. g) Otherwise, click on Volume option. And, the computer will read out the words loudly for you.
  8. h) Furthermore, at first, your account requires to be verified, click on Confirm under verify button.
  9. i) At that point, start the task of resetting your password. and, create a strong password.
  10. j) Besides, you have to confirm the password by putting again it in the confirmation field.
  11. k) Next, you have to click on the “Next” option.
  12. l) Then, you need to click on “Done” to sign in with your new password.
  13. m) Last, of all, you would be enquired to tell your name, age, and other details.

So, just follow these above steps in order to get your password back. Moreover, it is not difficult as much you are thinking it is the simplest thing to do on the internet. On the off chance, you find it difficult, you can contact AOL customer service team to get instant help. 

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